Firefox - Clearing Temporary Internet Files and Cache



In Firefox, on top of the address bar, you will find an orange Firefox icon (see Figure 1). Clicking on this icon will show you a drop down menu,
Navigate to ’Options’ and then ‘Options’ again.

Figure 1.


Once in the ‘Options’ menu, you will come across eight tabs. Select the ‘Privacy’ Tab, (see figure 2).

Figure 2.


The privacy section will be split into three sections. The middle section, ‘History’ will show two links, ‘Clear Your Recent History’ and ‘Remove Individual Cookies’.

Click on ‘Remove Individual Cookies’ link, and it will open up a menu shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3.


You can then highlight individual cookies and then select ‘Remove Cookie’ or you can remove all cookies by selecting the ‘Remove All Cookies’ button.

Removing Cached files

By navigating to the options menu, you will come across the eight tabs again. This time select ‘Advanced’ and in this menu you will be shown more tabs. Locate and select the ‘Network’ Tab. In here, locate the ‘Cached Web Content’ and by pressing the ‘Clear Now’ button will clear the Cache, (see figure 4.)

Figure 4.


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