Using iPhone's Mail app

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To access your email go to the mail.jpg icon on your home screen.



See all the recipients of a message: Tap the word Details in the From field. Tap a recipient’s name or email address to view the recipient’s contact information or add them to Contacts.

Open a link: Tap the link to use its default action, or touch and hold to see other actions. For example, for an address, you can show its location in Maps or add it to Contacts.

Open a meeting invitation or attachment: Tap the item, touch and hold to choose an app that works with the file.

Save an attached photo or video: Touch and hold the photo or video, then tap Save Image or Video. It’s saved to your Camera Roll in the Photos app.

Load new messages: Pull the message list or mailbox list downward to refresh the list.

Set the number of older messages retrieved: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Show.

Turn off new message notifications for an account: Go to Settings > Notifications > Mail > account name, then turn Notification Centre off.


Compose a message: Tap compose_button.jpg then type a name or email address. If you have multiple mail accounts, tap From to change the account you’re sending from.

Save a draft of a message: Tap Cancel, then tap Save. The message is saved in the accounts

Draft mailbox. Touch and hold compose_button.jpg to see your saved drafts.

Reply to a message: Tapreply_button.jpg then tap Reply. Files or images attached to the initial message aren’t sent back. To include the attachments, forward the message instead of replying.

Forward a message: Open a message and tapreply_button.jpg then tap Forward. This also forwards the message’s attachments.

Change your email signature: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature. If you have more than one mail account, tap Per Account to specify a different signature for each account.

Search messages: Open a mailbox, scroll to the top and then enter text in the Search field. You can search the From, To, or the Subject field in the mailbox that’s currently open. For mail accounts that support searching messages on the server, tap All to search From, To, Subject, and the message body.

Add, rename, or delete a mailbox: In the mailbox list, tap Edit. Some mailboxes can’t be renamed or deleted.

Change email password: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > tap the account name > enter your new password in the password field.

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