Mapping a network drive

If you are unsure about approaching this issue please call our helpdesk as you can irreversibly damage your PC if you are not careful


Before mapping a network drive, it is essential to know the file path for the network resource / Folder you wish to map. The file path will be in the following format:

\\server\share name

Although there is a slight variation in theme and appearance, the process of mapping a network drive is essentially the same on Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7. In order to map a network drive, follow the instructions below.

- Access the start menu in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

- From the start menu, right click on the computer/my computer option and select map network drive.



 - You will now be presented with a new window.  

- For the field named drive, select the letter you wish to map the resource to.

- For the field named folder, enter the file path of the Folder you wish to map, an example of the format of the file path is detailed in bold above. 


- Now click Finish.

The folder will now be mapped as a network drive.

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