Setup Outlook Synchronization With ACT

If you are unsure about approaching this issue please call our helpdesk as you can irreversibly damage your PC if you are not careful

ACT can be setup to automatically sync sent email from your local outlook client to the ACT system and record the interaction against the contacts history.

To setup outlook synchronization follow the instructions below:

- Open and login to sage act pro

- Click on email and select email preferences (as shown below):



-  Select Email System Setup:



- Select "Microsoft Outlook (Recommended)" and click "Next".




- Under outlook address books click the option to "Add" a new address book.




- Browse for the ACT database (if not entered automatically) and enter your username and password:




- Click "next" to confirm outlook as the default email editor (recommended):




- Act will record email subject and message by default, if you would like to make any emails you send private on a contacts history select the available tick box, click "Next" to proceed:




- Click "next" to confirm the attachment options, again should you wish to make history private you can select this here:




- Confirm the activity invitation options as recommended by clicking "Next".




- Click Finish to finish the email wizard.

- Restart outlook to allow the changes to take effect.


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